Chrome ops out of built-in ad blocker

While other browsers are busy fighting the "good fight" of ad blocking, Google has taken a different stance. Simply put, it won't build an ad blocking feature into Chrome.

But is anyone truly surprised? In the first quarter of 2015 alone, Google brought in over $15 billion in ads. Yeah, that's billion with a "B." It's how the company makes the majority of its money.

Of course, that won't keep people from using third party extensions to block ads. After all, recent data suggests that 2/3 of millennials use ad block. Why? Because many sites use annoying ads that slow everything down and/or provide malware, which obviously hurts the user experience.

And as we all know, Google is all about user experience these days.

But the company is stuck in a conundrum. It needs to make money on advertising, but it needs to improve user experience and simultaneously deal with all the other ad blocking companies out there. So how will it handle this predicament?

According to a recent interview with CNET, VP of Chrome Engineering Darin Fisher said Google feels "like there are a lot of challenges in advertising. There are a lot of wrong ways. If publishers and advertisers do ads the right way, it can be great for the users and for the ecosystem."

In other words, Google wants to fix advertising. But how?

For starters, it helped start the Coalition for Better Ads in an attempt to solve the problem advertising. The effort also includes publishers like Facebook, News Corp. For mobile users, Google is now serving AMP page results, which strips out all the excess from a website page and caches it, allowing it to load super fast. Only certain ad types are allowed on AMP pages (like Adsense, of course) warding off annoying popups and the like.

Will it be enough to keep people from using ad blockers in the future? Maybe not. But there's no easy answer here for the internet giant.



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