Other projects for general business include:

PCM-CID, or Critical Internet Device helps bring wired internet for services that need uninterrupted access.

PCM-UP - Universal user cloud portal used to connect to on-premise or cloud resources with zero configuration.

IDB - Designed and create secure document databases to store medical and business documents on line with fast indexing. 

WinPrint Compressor - Printing engine to double the amount of printing per page and to reduce the toner used for a special need of reporting necessary for compliance.


Set up local Freight broker to service agents located across the United States.

From a humble beginning of just one agent, this Transportation Broker was able to recruit agents from anywhere in the United States.

Because their ability to serve Agents in every Time Zone, they were able to grow their business beyond the geographical area and become a nationwide success.

We support and maintain:


360 Freight


By setting up this travel agent with a cloud server and cloud VoIP phones, their agents can serve customers from their homes and transfer calls to each other as if they were in the same office.

Bookings are done in a central location while their customers are happy because there is always someone ready to help them.

Property Management

When this Property management out of Florida bought properties in the Acadiana Area, they needed a company responsible for their network deployment.

This was not about hooking up computers to the internet, it was about integrating these locations to their home network, their enterprise domain, creating a protected wireless network for staff and providing a guest network that was separate from their enterprise network.

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