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     From the age of 6, I liked electronics and I started building my own electronic circuits.  Mainly sound and mechanical robots with no logic but with physical actuators.

     In 1979 someone told me computers were the way of the future, a machine that could do anything.  I was confused and had no clue what that meant.

     In 1984, while studying Electrical Engineering in College, I took a computer programming class thinking:  I may have to learn these things someday, who knows… I was hooked! I could not stop writing code and as a Junior in College, switched from Electrical Engineering to Computer Science.

     Later, I wrote software for the Medical Industry and for the oil field.  From Electronic Signal processing, to Medical Records, to Accounting and for data collection and Electronic Data Interchange for Linux and Windows Platforms as well as what it is called "Inter Process Communication" (machines talking to machines).

     That lead me into the world of IT because of the lack of standard support for networks and distributed systems that existed at the time.

     With so much work, I either developed a team or joined a team. I simply decided to acquire shares from one of my suppliers and source of IT support where I have been happy ever since with multiple projects and deployments since 1997.



     With a background in electronics and over 40 years of experience having to make printers, servers, and users communicate.  Because of this, I had to study and develop methods to quickly deploy and correct issues due to the disparity of scenarios.

I invested in a small local computer company to assure I had a direct control of my future in technology.

In 2005, I quit my 29 year job and joined my company full time. What was then a computer sales company, became a very successful IT management company.

We had developed a successful cloud computing platform and had customers in several time zones and countries.

As things developed these customers demanded more specialized hardware, from there, I made my mark knowing how to deploy specialized setups based solely on the customer's needs.

With quite a few vendors and manufacturers I now select the best deployment scenarios for our customers and look forward to doing this for many more years.

I wake up every morning with the anticipation of helping our clients achieve their goals.



     I have been fascinated with computers since I was 6 years old, at which time I enjoyed rebuilding and configuring computers. Later in life watching movies with technology of the future, I wanted to be a part of that world. Being inspired by the world around me and how great it is to help others, I decided to mix my dream of being part of the future in computer world with my passion to help others, thus bringing me into this field.



     My Grandfather always had a computer when I was growing up so computers have always been in my life.

When I got my own I was on it all the time.  One thing led to another and now I do it for a living.



     I have had a passion for technology since I was a kid. At 14, I helped my friend build his first computer and was hooked from that point on. I didn't know at the time that IT consisted of more than just putting computers together, but I can say with confidence that I could not have picked a better career path.



     Ever since I could remember I’ve always had an interest in putting things together and taking things apart. This was led by my curiosity to find out how things work. When I was five years old, I was given my first toolbox as a birthday present by my grandparents, after which I proceeded to disassemble the family VCR. My tools where promptly replaced with Legos and model kits.

My family always had a computer since I was little and I took any chance I could get to use it, of course I was monitored to make sure I wouldn’t try to take anything apart. When I was in High School a close friend’s brother was working at NASA in Houston. One time he came down for a visit and built his brother a computer. He showed us how to assemble the machine, what each part did and why they were important.

I’ve been Hooked on computers ever since.




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