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Inventory System for Housing Authority

Inventory, Asset, and Appliance System Tracking for Housing Authority


A Louisiana housing authority was having issues tracking inventory, creating historical records, and passing regulatory compliance. They needed an application that can be accessible anytime there is internet access as well as anytime they need access to records. Regulatory compliance was also an issue as they needed track records of all information regarding the items in inventory. Inventory items needed information including, model, SKU, condition, and so much more. They needed the application quick and they looked towards PCM Technologies for a solution.

Client Challenges
  • Inadequate inventory tracking
  • Absence of Historical Records
  • Compliance Issues
  • Accessibility Requirements
  • Urgency for a Quick Solution
PCM Technologies Intervention
  • Comprehensive Assessment: PCM Technologies conducted a thorough analysis of the Louisiana housing authority’s inventory management challenges, focusing on tracking issues, historical record creation, and regulatory compliance gaps.
  • Customized Software Development: An application was developed with adequate tracking records capabilities, inventory tracking capabilities, and so much more. The application included an easy to use interface that is easy to navigate. Each category of inventory items has been easy to access.
  • Application Accessibility: The application proved to be effective in allowing the user to access data, tracking, records, and all information anywhere at anytime. Complete history records of each inventory item are recorded.
  • Security: All information, data, and records are secured within the organization.
Key Features of the Onboarding Process
  • Digital Forms: All forms and documents were digitized, eliminating physical paperwork.
  • Quick Connections: The system allowed for swift connections between personnel and computers.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The web-based application acquires a user-friendly interface.
  • Additional Controls: Various controls were implemented to provide additional support and customization.
  • Manage company locations, appliances and assets.
  • Keep track of movement and disposal.
  • Generate reports for inventory checks and compliance.
  • Designed Specifically for Housing Authorities or Rentals with fewer than 30 employees.
  • Simple to use.
  • A fully deployable solution to your PowerApps environment.
  • Pages to create, list, edit and organize assets and locations with relevant information.
  • An automated process of creating historical records when assets are moved or altered.
  • A document generator that produces printable reports.

The housing authority adeptly managed, edited, transferred, and securely stored comprehensive information pertaining to inventory items. The application was swiftly delivered in under two weeks, boasting a fully customizable interface tailored to their specific requirements. With meticulously organized categories, accessing and maintaining inventory appliances became exceptionally convenient. Furthermore, meticulous tracking of appliance history ensured seamless compliance with all regulatory measures.

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