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Onboarding Application for Retail Company

Advancing Onboarding Processes for Retail Company


Two Louisiana-based retail companies, referred to as Company A and Company B, faced challenges in their HR department concerning onboarding management. The hiring process was hindered by inefficiencies, such as time-consuming tasks, document exchange issues, slow communication, and a reliance on paper-based processes. Seeking a solution to enhance efficiency, they approached PCM Technologies.

Client Challenges
  • Time – Consuming Onboarding Process
  • Inefficient Document Exchange
  • Slow Communication
  • Excessive Use of Paper
  • Outdated Process
PCM Technologies Intervention
  • Rapid Analysis: PCM Technologies analyzed the onboarding process. Understanding the pain points was crucial in developing an effective solution.
  • Software Development: Utilizing software tools and application designers, PCM Technologies developed a suite of applications. These applications were designed as a web-based solution, which seamlessly connected more than 80 different stores with 100s of employees.
  • Tablet – Based Solutions: Each store was equipped with a tablet, acquiring the onboarding process. The tablet-based solution aimed to eliminate unnecessary tasks and enhance the overall efficiency of the onboarding process.
Key Features of the Onboarding Process
  • Digital Forms: All forms and documents were digitized, eliminating physical paperwork.
  • Quick Connections: The system allowed for swift connections between different stores, personnel, and computers throughout southern Louisiana.
  • Efficient Document Handling: Documents could be sent back and forth within hierarchy system.
  • Hierarchy System: Users had certain assess to certain documents and features within the suite of applications.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The web-based application acquires a user-friendly interface.
  • Additional Controls: Various controls were implemented to provide additional support and customization.
  • Digital Onboarding: The solution migrated the onboarding process into a digital experience. It enabled company A and B to manage employee onboarding and ongoing processes.

Company A and company B are able to seamlessly have access to onboarding process at different levels across different cities. The applications are cloud based and have a security system in place to protect data.

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