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Technology is always expanding and developing in many ways!

We strive to stay on the leading edge in technology and how it can work to improve the efficiency of businesses!

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To provide fully managed IT support for all our clients and to form mutually beneficial partnership where their goals and expectations become a reality.


Does your IT work for you or do you have to manage your IT personnel?

Can you count on your IT team when changes or needs arise, or do you have to use your precious time to help them manage the projects?

If your IT personnel puts more demands on you than just listening to proposed solutions and making decisions after all important points are digested, you have outgrown your IT team and have entered the realm of managed IT services.

Do you know where your IT man is?

Many organizations are completely unaware of how to reach their IT personnel in an efficient way.  This is because IT personnel may be involved on more than one project which requires absolute attention.

Can you reach them easily?

If a team exists, can they be reached quickly or do you have to wait for a call back?

Do they respond promptly and are your needs addressed?

Once engaged, can they deploy in a fast and efficient way to suit your needs? Do you have to wait for them to get in front of a computer in order to receive their help? Is the outcome of tasks reported to you, or must you chase an answer? Are other members of their team aware of the status of a job and can they help if that person is not available?

Staying On the Leading Edge In All Industries

We specialize in various amounts of industries to help you and your business stay on the leading edge of technology. For more information regarding how PCM can support you and your business, select an industry below!


Managed IT services provide outsourced expertise for businesses’ technology needs. They offer cost-effective solutions, 24/7 support, robust security measures, scalability, and access to advanced technologies. This approach enables streamlined operations, minimizes downtime, enhances security, and empowers businesses to focus on core objectives for sustained competitiveness.


Our localized IT services, designed for Acadiana and surrounding areas, echo the community’s warmth and support. Providing tailored Managed IT solutions with cost-effective strategies, 24/7 support, robust security, scalability, and access to cutting-edge tech, we streamline operations, minimize downtime, and fortify security. This approach empowers businesses to focus on core objectives, fostering sustained competitiveness within our culturally rich community.

Managed IT Support

All-in-one Managed IT Support. Comprehensive Managed IT Support: Your business requires cutting-edge technology and expert technological management. We specialize in all things tech!

CONNECTED anywhere, anytime

Connect to your data and files anywhere at anytime. Stream your files at your hands under any device. Connectivity for your business.

friendly proffessionals

Our staff comprises local, friendly, and professional individuals. It’s imperative that our staff not only possesses top-notch knowledge but also consistently strives to learn and improve.


Small business solutions that take your company above technological advances. Ensuring your business stays up-to-date with all technologies. Zero downtime, fast connections, at a minimal cost.

24/7 Assistance Available

Always be equipped with professional IT support. No downtime!

Custom Solutions

Need a solution to a problem? We have custom solutions to tailor to your needs.

Activate Your Business’s Full Potential

Ensuring your business stays on the leading edge of technologies!


Hardware Solutions

With technology that is constantly evolving, it may be difficult to understand exactly what you may need. We offer direct support as well as valuable information for your technological needs.

Software Services

Learn about installation processes, upgrade options, and customizable features that cater to your specific business requirements. Offering important and neccessary software for your industry.

Security Measures

At PCM Technologies, security is paramount. Uncover the robust measures and protocols implemented to safeguard your sensitive data and fortify your networks against potential threats.

Support and Maintenance

Explore our comprehensive services covering troubleshooting, regular maintenance, and tailored service-level agreements for uninterrupted operations.

Infrastructure Management

PCM Technologies streamlines IT infrastructure management. Learn about our expert handling of server setups, cloud services, and network configurations for optimized performance and scalability.


For 25+ years (since 1994), we’ve gained close relationships with our clients, by always doing what is right and continually building trust. Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about us:


We partner with the highest quality companies to ensure that you and your company stay on the leading edge of all technologies!