Wireless Connections


We provide complete campus-wide installations or simple installations.

Our tools give us actual mapping of coverage to empirically test coverage and determine optimal Access Point locations. 

We can limit usage to avoid rogue devices, which can consume all of your bandwidth and create a bad experience.  You can choose to permanently or temporarily block devices determined to be problematic.  By only allowing authorized devices, this ensures that your network is secure and that speed is as expected.

The Gatekeeper software can be implemented to avoid misuse of internet access by disallowing inappropriate content.  By doing this, you can be sure that your users stay productive, and their machines remain safe from malware.


We can configure a guest network, to keep your office network separate and secure.  Guests can authenticate several ways:

  • Portal password: can be changed by management as often as required.
  • Pre-printed Vouchers/tickets (give access on a per user basis).
  • Paid access using a PayPal® Account.

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