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Managed IT for City Courts and Municipal Courts



DigiCourt – Paperless Court System


Digicourt, developed by Digicomm Systems, stands as an advanced software solution tailored towards streamlining court management processes. This platform integrates various functionalities essential for the efficient operation of courts, such as, case management, scheduling, document handling, digital files, digital images, and digital evidence handling.

This software implements a paperless court system, facilitating digital and electronic signatures to eliminate paperwork and unnecessary procedural steps in your court processes. Regardless of size, this solution efficiently handles various aspects of your municipal court, aiding judges, court clerks, and cashiers. By automating tasks and documents, organizing schedules, tracking finances, and generating essential reports, your court operations will soon run seamlessly and effectively.

PCM Technologies offers comprehensive support throughout the entire installation process.

Juris – Single Financial Management Solution


Juris, developed by Juris Solutions, stands as a robust legal case and practice management software designed to streamline and optimize legal operations. This innovative platform offers comprehensive features, including case tracking, document management, billing, timekeeping, and client communication tools, catering to the intricate needs of legal professionals. Juris enables seamless tracking of cases, simplifies document handling, and enhance billing accuracy.

This software empowers court administrators, judges, and legal professionals to optimize workflow, organize case-related information, and improve client interactions. It provides a centralized platform for case management and facilitating precise timekeeping and billing. Enhanced judicial outcomes and court proceedings.


Assessment and Planning

Assessing the court’s specific needs, infrastructure, and requirements. The plan for installation process is evaluated and measured to ensure a seamless integration.

Installation and Configuration

Installation of the software is completely handled by the IT expert. Technical aspects such as server setup, database configuration, and network integration is monitored to ensure the software is correctly installed and functioning optimally.

Data Migration and Integration

Migrating existing data and integrating it with the new Digicourt system. Includes transferring case records, documents, and relevant information from the previous system.

Optimization and Upgrades

Digicourt software is continuously monitored for the system’s performance.

Optimizations and upgrades for enhance functionality, up-to-date features, and latest security patches are ensured, offered, and supported.