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Why You Should Use PCM

These Are the Pain Points We Concentrate On:

We strive to answer your needs the minute you call, no call back, no waiting for someone to become available or the only guy that knows you to call you back.

Does your IT work for you or do you have to manage your IT personnel?

Can you count on your IT team when changes or needs arise, or do you have to use your precious time to help them manage the projects?

If your IT personnel puts more demands on you than just listening to proposed solutions and making decisions after all important points are digested, you have outgrown your IT team and have entered the realm of managed IT services.

Do you know where your IT man is?

Many organizations are completely unaware of how to reach their IT personnel in an efficient way.  This is because IT personnel may be involved on more than one project which requires absolute attention.

Can you reach them easily?

If a team exists, can they be reached quickly or do you have to wait for a call back?

We offer 24/7 services.

Do they respond promplty and are your needs addressed?

Once engaged, can they deploy in a fast and efficient way to suit your needs?

Do you have to wait for them to get in front of a computer in order to receive their help?

Is the outcome of tasks reported to you, or must you chase an answer?

Are other members of their team aware of the status of a job and can they help if that person is not available?

Can you trust the future of your company to your current IT support?

Is your IT personnel receiving the latest training and certifications in order to keep your network and systems operational?

Do they have proven procedures and solutions, or do they ad-hoc solutions as they search on the internet for possible answers?

Things are working well, but is there a plan in case of failure?

Is their process “break-fix” or are there proactive measures being taken to minimize disruptions?

Are normal tests performed to verify:

Web access to possibly harmful websites that can corrupt your data?

Do you know what websites your employees visit on your network?

We have done our homework and our personnel is trained and versed on muliple options for each task at hand.

If you feel any of these points could be addressed in a better way, we can deliver that better way.

We can handle it all, or interface with your IT department for just those specific projects.

In business since 1994, we have been able to compile a management process where feedback to and from our customer is key.

With global reach and a just down the hallway feel, we are able to listen to our customers and deliver on their every expectation.

We will provide you with an analysis of your situation as well as possible options where, your only job would be to decide how your company will proceed.