Managed IT vs In-House IT

Managed IT Explained (MSP)

It simply means that PCM Technologies will handle all aspects of IT for you! Boring details follow:

Group of Experts

Managed IT from PCM offers a large group of experts who excel in today’s technology. When partnered with us you receive a large and expanding group of experts that provide you and your business with above and beyond Managed IT services.

Cost Efficient

You and your business save tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours when you choose us as your Managed IT Service Provider. Discounted on-site rates, re-occurring subscription based model for easy budgeting.

Focus on Your Business

By eliminating IT management, your business is able to focus on key business objectives as well as core responsibilities. Eliminate dealing with day-to-day IT issues.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Managed IT offering 24/7 support. Always ready to provide you a solution. Regular maintenance and evaluation on everything. Always have your entities monitored and supported.

Reliable Backup and Recovery

Reliable data backup solutions and regular backups into off-site storage. Data security, quick recovery in case of data loss or disasters. Comprehensive data recovery plans.

Regulatory Compliance

Specializes in compliance adherence across various industries. Regular compliance within industries is always monitored and evaluated.

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Whether you are in Medical, financial or retail line of business, there are regulations that can affect your ability to operate.



IT Audits


Minimal Downtime and Complete Reliability

Group of professional experts in IT leads to almost no downtime and complete reliability.

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When you have someone watching out for your needs, changes do not come as surprises, changes are just scheduled and matter of course.

Top of Technologies

Managed IT is always on top of all technologies. Constant learning and progression is essential in managed IT. You will not have to rely on a single IT support system that has different branches to focus on.

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Your IT Team partners with top-notch companies like Microsoft, TrendMicro, MPBS, Antivirus protection, Cloud Hosting, and hardware/software. These leading companies demand that your IT team stays at the leading edge of all technologies.


Provided below is a list of the dangers of In-House IT.

Major Cost

In-House IT is costly. Hiring, managing, and retaining an In-house IT support system is costly. A single IT personnel can cost on average $60,000 to $100,000 a year. This excludes other costs: time to train, vacation, time-cost tradeoffs, etc.

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If your support person would leave, would you know where things are?

Would you be able to lock them out of your systems?

Could you continue to operate?

Loss of Time

The time is takes to onboard, train, manage, and retain an In-House IT support system is time that can be directed toward your business’s core responsibilities. Additional training, learning, and understanding for in-house IT wastes your time.

Unavailable Most of the Time

Your in-house IT is not available 24/7. Evenings, weekends, vacations, and sickness can cause IT professional downtime within your business. Thus, negatively impacting you.

Lack of Support

In-House IT can limit the correct and needed support from an IT professional. Lack of the proper amount of support and maintenance can lead to issues within business operations. Your in-house IT will not always be there.

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Let’s face it, your inhouse IT support does many other things because either you do not have enough work, or because it is not a dedicated person on that role.

Does your IT person have to google answers?  We are the guys who write those answers, but that does not mean they can carry them out.

Lack of Diverse Knowledge

One person cannot know everything. The skills, knowledge, and experience can lack in many areas when narrowing to individuals within a field.

Potential Loss

What happens if an expert IT personal seeks another job or leaves? You will be left behind. PCM is always here no matter what. We have been here and continue to stay.

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We have been here since 1994 and command old as well as new technologies.  That’s right, TECHNOLOGIES!

Immense Security Threats

Advanced online security measures and safety is an absolute must with your business. Having In-House IT support hinders security measures dramatically.

On-Going Learning

In-House IT support requires on going learning, teaching, and technological development. The focus on the business shifts towards developing the IT framework, thus putting you behind your competition.

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