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Hurricane Preparedness / Mobile Internet


Can you operate without internet?

Don’t kid yourself, the answer is no, you cannot.

PCM Technologies can set up your internet with Cellular Failover Internet, so no matter how many times a year your local utilities cut your wire, you can still operate.

And then…

Every year, there comes a time when the weather decides to take a stride on our great southern communities for a period that we call “Hurricane Season”. As hurricanes slam the southern marsh of Louisiana, businesses are left with no options to successfully operate during these devastating times. Many Businesses are left with disconnected internet. This leads to businesses and executives to give up on the fight against hurricanes.

But gone are the days of losing against mother nature!

Thanks to innovations in technology, we are able to provide you with a solution to your hurricane season problems.

 We introduce to you: CradlePoint!

Connectivity for your business to your partners, customers, and the whole web, all with a single entity that uses LTE and 5G for a Wireless WAN. The Cradle Point operates for every business and has been used in major industries like, restaurants, retail, first responders, and many more.

The CradlePoint operates as long as there is power and a cell signal, thus allowing for you and your business to stay connected, even during the worst storms!

Stay on your feet and stay on the web!

Make sure you and your business are prepared during this hurricane season!

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