Client Testimonials


For 25+ years (since 1994), we’ve gained close relationships with our clients, by always doing what is right and continually building trust.  Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about us:

Company Name: Louisiana Convenience Store

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 1997

Industry Type: Convenience stores selling food, fuel, and services

I am the HR/Payroll Director for a company of 750 employees with a lot of employee turnover and many locations around our state.  It was a lot of work to keep in order paper forms of the new hire documents that we received by mail or by scan filed in a file cabinet.

We contacted PCM Technologies to see if they could put together an electronic system of forms and filing.  Let me tell you, they did a really good job with this task.  Now, new hire documents are at my fingertips.

I’m glad we decided to work with them and they came through with a great system that is user friendly, intelligent custom forms matching our company policy, including absence reports.  Government issued forms filled and file automatically with actual signatures on them.  Electronic management approval of HR requests for additional information.  Instant retrieval of documents and permanent filing.  Limited scoping and access depending on users’ roles in the system.

I can’t stress enough about the great team at PCM Technologies that were professional and courteous, not to mention they understood our challenges and are providing quick support when needed.

Rachel, HR/Payroll Director

Company Name: COO – Cajun Wholesale Distributing Inc.

Years with PCM Technologies: Since November 2023

Industry Type: Food Distribution

Number of Locations: 1

Even though we have only been with PCM for a few short months, PCM has gone above and beyond our expectations.  They make sure that we thoroughly understand the “what and why’s” of something being done.  We are very pleased with the dedication shown by PCM Technologies.

Company Name: City Court in Louisiana

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2021

Industry Type: Government

Our office was extremely fortunate to find PCM TECHNOLOGIES.  We were in need of technical assistance from professionals to assist with the process of transitioning to new digital software.  In addition, we were upgrading our outdated server and computer equipment.  I was referred to PCM TECHNOLOGIES and when I called Mr. Carl Benoit and Mr. Tony Garcia to discuss the conversion and upgrades, they came immediately onsite.  They assisted in assessing our needs to complete the transition and upgrade project I was working on.  I would not have been able to complete this conversion without the professional and courteous assistance of Mr. Carl, Mr. Tony, and their entire staff of technicians.  Might I add, the team has an amazing way of resolving any of the issues we have or had along the way in an EXTREMELY EXPEDITED AND CALMING MANNER!!

I would highly recommend and refer PCM TECHNOLOGIES for any of your personal or business needs.

Name and Company: Family Clinic of Opelousas

Industry Type: Medical

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2005

Since 2005, Family Clinic of Opelousas has depended in PCM Technologies for all their computer and IT needs.

From the simple installation and configuration of a machine to the dependable WIFI signal our Physicians have come to depend on, PCM Technologies has always been there in a proactive way, as well as a reactive manner when other equipment, medical or not has failed.

Even during the conversion from one EHR to another, PCM Technologies was able to help with the transformation of the data to be fed into the new system.

Our team members do not hesitate to call for help and PCM has not failed to respond to their requests.

Through all these years, Carl and Tony have led their team in managing and connecting our network internally was well as providers’ networks and making sure we do what we do, serve our patients.

Give them a call, whatever your IT needs, they will help you!

-Mary Ann Martin, Family Clinic of Opelousas

Name and Company: Amber Higginbotham, Farmer’s State Bank & Trust

Industry Type: Banking and Financial Institution

Number of Locations: 5

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2003

Approximate Number of Employees: 45

I was looking for a company to host our web site and email.  Tony stated what my options were and explained all the pros and cons.  PCM System’s staff is true to their word.

PCM Technologies delivers what they promise on time and within our budget.

Tony, Carl and their staff has always goes above and beyond our expectations.

I had an old server that crashed and needed to recover the data, but was unable to get parts.  Tony and his staff were able to piece the server back together and retrieve the data.  They are an outstanding resource to have available.  Their technicians are very knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Tony, Carl and the staff is very polite and have always treated me as an important customer, no matter how big or small the job is.  The staff at PCM Technologies always take the time to listen to our needs.   It is a pleasure to call support and to actually talk to a real person within seconds.

– Amber Higginbotham, IT Officer

Name and Company: Tammy Matte, Insurance Resource Group Inc

Industry Type: Insurance Agency

Number of Locations: 1

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2003

Approximate Number of Employees: 13

Our agency has worked with PCM Technologies for many years, maintaining our computers, updating software, and assisting us with HIPAA compliance and security in all of our online services.   They worked with us during COVID to make sure we were able to access all of our account information while we were required to work at home, and provided their own network to keep our information safe.   We are always addressed by name and given the utmost courtesy and respect by every employee of PCM Technologies.    I am very comfortable speaking with the staff and they are quick to respond to any computer/networking issues I encounter.  PCM Technologies and staff has proven to be trustworthy, dependable, and professional in everything they do.  I highly recommend PCM Technologies and staff for any and all your computer/networking/technology needs. 

– Tammy Matte

Name and Company Name: Louis Saab, Shop Rite and Tobacco Plus

Years with PCM: Since 1997

Industry Type: Convenience stores selling food, fuel, and services

” Shop Rite and Tobacco Plus are Louisiana owned and operated convenience store chains.  Our companies operate in 60 locations, including 23 cities in 16 parishes.  We employ over 700 employees in the stores and most locations operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  It is imperative that our systems stay up and running.

Over the years, our company has had to automate its accounting systems and store operations.  PCM has been crucial in keeping our enterprise up to date in a highly competitive environment.

We have been associated with PC Mart and PCM Technologies for over 25 years. In growing our operations with more retail locations, we needed to increase our efficiency by automating tasks at the corporate and the store levels. PCM was instrumental in integrating our hardware and software needs with our third-party applications. Through the years, PCM provided the support we needed to manage our corporate hardware, software, and network needs. Most recently, they have enabled migration of host services and data storage to the cloud.

Our management considers PCM a strategic business contractor and partner. They assist in our daily operations for accounting, communications, new services, and market industry challenges.  PCM management and staff have been very dependable and managed all tasks with professionalism and courtesy in a timely fashion. We recommend them without reservation!”

– Louis Saab, VP Fuel and IT Operations

Name and Company Name: Kathy Sandridge, RK Pipe & Supply, LLC

Years with PCM: Since 1997 (PC Mart), 2019 (PCM Technologies)

Industry Type: Oil Field Company 

“R K Pipe is an oilfield company that’s been in business 40 plus years. We employee 10 to 12 people. We have 1 location but with the help of PCM Systems we are able to operate from any locations in the world. 

R K Pipe has been working with PCM Systems for approximately 3 years, prior to that we work with PC Mart which was back in the early 2000. Both companies have always met our need within a timely matter, performed to our expectations and beyond. 

They are very knowledgeable in all aspect of technology in today’s world. We use Peachtree Account, and an Inventory custom written, they have been able to handle any and all problems with the programs. 

Their staff is also very knowledgeable, professional anytime you need help with anything. I never called and my problem wasn’t handled. 

Just this year, RK Pipe had trouble with AT & T on our Phone System and Internet Service. I informed PCM Systems that I wanted to cut them off, but Cox would be about 3 months out to get all lines ran and get set-up. I didn’t want to deal with AT & T another day, but I need to still operate. PCM Systems came in and Set-up everything so we could operate for the next 3 months with being connected to AT & T, with in a week I was no longer using AT & T and all equipment was disconnected. We never stop operating everything worked as if we would have still been connected to AT & T. 

If anyone has questions you may contact me at the following e-mail address:

Thanks for PCM Systems RK Pipe & Supply, runs smoothly and efficiently with all of their knowledge.”

-Kathy Sandridge, Owner/ Manager

Name and Company Name: Todd Lejeune, Targil Seasoning and Butcher Supplies

Years with PCM: Since 1999

Industry type: Restaurant Equipment and Supply

“Before the year 2000, we received a quote to bring all our systems to be Y2K ready from another company. The quoted price was more than what we wanted to spend so we looked around for local talent and we found what is now PCM Technologies. 

They came and tested our computers and our software.  Including our accounting software which was developed by another local company. Afterwards we were advised to just replace our server and PCM will write scripts to synchronize the time with out server and all would be well. PCM personnel were quick, to the point and did not try to sell us a new world of parts and computers, just gave us a solution. Y2K came and went, and for the last 23 years we have had several new servers and iterations of our systems.

 Furthermore, we have had some specialized industrial machines that needed repairs and PCM has been able to save us money revamping them. We still count on PCM to be there when we call and they have been, even now when our insurance company requested an IT questionnaire for our Cyber Security Coverage.

 Call PCM Technologies, whatever your needs!

– Todd Lejeune

Name and Company Name: Tristan A. Washington, Certex USA,INC

Years with PCM: Since November 2019

Industry Type: Crane and Lifting Equipment

“Brant Guidry did a great job assisting us with this very important SD-WAN project activity. His assistance was instrumental and I do appreciate his patience and resourcefulness in helping us get logged into the special Mitel/Shoretel Shoregear appliance.

He participated and provided positive input during our conference call with the network Engineering teams from Granite telecommunications, CenturyLink Engineering teams, communicated with our Broussard, LA office staff effectively, and accomplished all of the tasks set forth for him to complete onsite.

Thanks again to Brant and to your PCM Systems organization for a job well done.”

-Tristan A. Washington, IT Manager

Name and Company Name: Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office

Years with PCM: Since March 2019

Industry Type: Law Enforcement

“Our organization was suffering from a failing, unstable, antiquated, in-house, third-party, e-mail system and we were ready to upgrade to an online hosted system that could provide stability and retention. We were leaning toward an O365 option and spoke to Microsoft. They provided a list of four service providers in my area. I contacted all of them to discuss our needs and other factors that would determine which provider we would ultimately choose for this solution. After discussions with all of them, the choice for us was an easy one: PCM Technologies.

The main contact I spoke with was Tony Garcia; he offered several options to handle our request and thoroughly explained all pros and cons for each of them. Once we agreed on the best plan for our organization, Tony and his team worked tirelessly to create the online environment for the transition—including setting the default policies for the organization, creating all user accounts (230 of them), preparing DNS records, and other configuration settings to be implemented.

Once the transition was complete, several of our users had questions of the new system. Tony and his team provided all the answers. PCM Technologies always answers the phone with a live person and puts me in touch with one of their support technicians immediately every time I call. Our experience is it is a company that is big enough to handle big projects, yet small enough to treat its customers as if they are their only client. I cannot say enough about the stellar treatment we receive and look forward to a long business relationship with them.”

-Bill Carragan, Director of Technical Services

Name and Company Name: Orobosa Obayagbona, Robo Holdings, LLC

Years with PCM: Since 2018

Industry Type: Financial

“When you select a firm to provide Infrastructure- as-a-Service (IaaS) offering such as server hosting capabilities in the Cloud for your company, you are placing the stability and operation of your firm’s Information Technology infrastructure in their control.  This scenario can’t be more evident than when our firm experienced an issue accessing our QuickBooks accounting system at 10:30PM on a Saturday night during the Labor Day weekend holiday.   That Saturday also happened to be the first day of the month and our accountant was trying to generate billing invoices to send to our clients prior to midnight.  We sent PCM Technologies an emergency email stating the criticality of the issue along with a screenshot of the error message received.  Within a half hour, we received an email response from Tony Garcia, an application and infrastructure specialist who also happened to be one of the owners of PCM.  Tony helped restart our server and when that step still didn’t fix the problem with the QuickBooks application he proceeded to initiate a series of diagnostic steps to uncover the root of the problem.  Three hours later at about 1:30PM, I received a call from Tony informing the problem was fixed and the extent of his efforts to do fix the problem.  What I didn’t know during that whole time was that when Tony received my email he had just returned from the hospital emergency room with his son who had suffered some sudden illness.  However, due to the urgency stressed in the email regarding the importance of sending out our client invoices for the previous month, Tony put our affairs ahead of his family to ensure that we achieved our objective.  Tony’s actions show that having PCM Technologies in our firm’s corner provided us with the trust, reliability, selflessness, dedication and responsiveness required 24×7 from our Infrastructure- as-a-Service (IaaS) partner to ensure that our business operations can be executed at all times.  We are glad to be a customer of PCM Technologies.”

Orobosa Obayagbona, Principal

Name and Company Name: John Verzwyvelt, Jr., PECI

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2008

Industry Type: Oil and Gas

“PECI has been experiencing hyper growth and required technically proficient service for our computers and networks. We employed the services of PCM Technologies at the onset of this growth and never looked back. Our growth required a variety of networking and computer support for both our remote field office locations as well as our local needs. PECI finds PCM Technologies is extremely responsive and technically very effective and supportive with our challenges and this support extends throughout PCM personnel. We feel extremely proud to say PCM Technologies continues to keep our systems operating in a secure environment with continuous operating capabilities. Our computer and communications are vital to our needs and investing in the services of PCM Technologies remains that key investment for PECI’s success. In a competitive market, a company must hold a computer service group to a high standard of trust, and we trust PCM Technologies with all our confidential information. Do yourself a favor and get PCM Technologies on your team. You will not be disappointed. “

-John Verzwyvelt Jr., General Manager

Name and Company Name: Reid Sellers, Sugarland Exterminating

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2005

Industry Type: Pest Control

Number of Locations: 1

“We at Sugarland Exterminating have used PCM Technologies as our computer “Go-To’s” for the last 10 years or so. We can always count on the professionals at PCM to fix any problem that arises with our computer system. They are very timely and trusted. “

-Reid Sellers, Co-Owner/Office Manager

Name and Company Name: Victoria Burise, Marksville Housing Authority

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2017

Industry Type: Government Housing Services

Number of Locations: 1 Office

“PCM are truly professional- they listen, analyze the problem, develop a plan, advise you and produce results.  The most impressive thing about them is that they not only respond promptly, but they actually know their business.  This PHA has been doing business with PCM for 6 months but during this time we have encountered expertise, competence and professionalism.  PCM was employed by this PHA during a time of office remodel, they set up the Network at the temporary location efficiently as well as the remodeled location, Tony Garcia and his team did not stop the job until it was completed proficiently. Everyone at PCM is kind, courteous, and super intelligent and easy to deal with.  They have provided and demonstrated expertise in maintaining the operation of our systems, data backup, printers, desktop user support, and managing the server performance, and the resolution of email problems.  PCM has always had a rapid response to all of our needs.  When issues occur they are always available to assess the problem though remote access to our network or to come to the PHA location.  We have been very satisfied with their customer service and would highly recommend PCM to other companies.”

Victoria Burise, PHM/ED

Name and Company Name: Bonnie Maillet, Boysenblue/Celtec International

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2005

Industry Type: Oil and Gas

“We have been utilizing PCM Technologies for over fifteen (15) years. I can sincerely say the quality and promptness of their services is impeccable. They consistently treat our needs in a manner that is rare in today’s corporate world.

Their technicians are competent and trustworthy without exception. They respond to our calls for technical support 24/7.  For companies with a global client base, this is very important.

They understand how important this level of service truly is, in the petroleum industry.

I recommend them without reservation in any endeavor they may pursue. Now, and in the future. They do not ask more of their own employees than they are willing to give of themselves.”

Bonnie Maillet, President/CEO

Name and Company Name: Ralph Peters, FVIP (Family Violence Intervention Program)

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2016

Industry Type: Social Services

Number of Employees: 2

 “FVIP contacted to PCM Technologies to repair a database originally written by a Board member for free in 1996.  We have over 4,000 clients and all related records in that database.  PCM Technologies made some minor improvements and offered to write a custom database for our program.  The database was written quickly with significant input from FVIP.  PCM then had FVIP conduct testing of the database and debugged the database to suit our needs.  Even after the database went operational, Cassie with PCM Technologies has responded (on the same day we call) and solved our issues. 
FVIP then wrote another grant to purchase 3 new computers and related software.  PCM Technologies found the computers we needed, purchased the new software, and transferred all data from the old to the new computers.  And they even helped to set up the networking among the 3 computers. 
PCM Technologies has been a complete IT solution for FVIP.  They deliver what they promise, and usually more, on time, and within the agreed budget.  I would not dream of hiring anyone else for any IT issue in FVIP.  I recommend Tony and his crew for any IT problem that plagues you.”

-Ralph Peters, Executive Director

Name and Company Name: Cumulus Lafayette

Industry Type: Since 2014

“PCM Technologies has been the 9-1-1 call for Cumulus Lafayette Network Virus problems & Lightning strikes on a couple of occasions.  It was their quick response and advisory that ultimately led to us trusting them with a recent network upgrade.  Because of high security requirements regarding the networks inside of the radio stations – we needed someone we could trust to completely assess our in-house systems, and then implement upgrades.  They made a rather complex transition – look easy.  And none of our op was down for more than short periods of time – which were all coordinated in advance.  They worked well with front office managers and equally well with our corporate Engineer.  From first call to job completion – the staff of PCM Technologies help even the front office management types with no technical background – feel secure in plan development and implementation.  Shortly after our Network upgrades, we had a lightning strike which damaged multiple parts of our network.  PCM responded quickly to assess damage, and quickly replaced compromised switches.  We were back up in no time at all!  PCM Technologies means total professionalism and very reasonably priced expertise and labor.  PCM Technologies has ‘saved the day’ for our staff of 50 on multiple occasions.  We keep them on speed-dial!  Thank you PCM – for all you have helped us with this year!”

-Troy Leger, Ops Coordinator

Name and Company Name: Gulf Coast International, LLC, Gulf Coast Marine Associates, Inc., Gulf Coast Training Technologies, LLC

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2011

Industry Type: Oilfield Sales, Service, Repairs and Training

Number of Locations: 4

“We have been using PCM since 2011, and they have been instrumental in getting our network to where it is today.  Before finding PCM, our servers and email systems were down regularly, making productivity difficult.  PCM was able to quickly identify and correct the issues with our equipment; something that other companies had been unable to do.  They now manage our newly implemented cloud server, maintain all of our PCs (for both on-site and remote users), and they even assist with our 3rd party software.  PCM goes above and beyond, and we can always count on a quick response time…which is a requirement for a company like ours that provides 24/7 customer support to its own customers.”

-Jennifer Angelle

Name and Company Name: Chris Stroud, Dr. John Mahoney, DDS

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2005

Industry Type: Dental Office

Number of Locations: 1

Approximate number of employees: 12

“We’ve had other IT providers, but none have come close to the level of professionalism or service and commitment we receive from PCM.  This company gives us far more than we expect in service and knowledge of our systems. They are diligent and true to their word and will exceed your expectations of what an IT company should be.  No provider comes close to them.”

-Chris Stroud, Office Manager

Name and Company Name: Scott Comeaux, Bridgestar Logistics

Years with PCM Technologies: 1 with Bridgestar Logistics, 12 with Coastal Transportation

Industry Type: Freight Transportation and Logistics Service

Number of Locations: 16, includes Active and Inactive Locations

Approximate number of employees: 20, includes Active and Inactive Locations

“Since 2003 PCM Technologies has provided and demonstrated incredible expertise in building and managing local office and remote client networks. Their work has produced stable and consistent access to software tools and data, resulting in operational efficiencies and increased profits. PCM’s technician staff are extremely competent and available 24-7. I recommend PCM Technologies to any company needing IT services.”

Scott Comeaux, Bridgestar Logistics

Name and Company Name: Katie Anderson, Lafayette Housing Authority

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2013

Industry Type: Government Housing Services

Number of Locations: 9 Offices

Approximate number of employees: 40

“PCM Systems and the services they have provided have been a critical factor in the success of our agency these past three years.  They have always been quick to respond to all of our needs (even when it wasn’t their service or equipment) , have delivered quality and affordable services just as promised, and we have never had to face any “surprises” while working with them.  They have enabled LHA to keep up with the changing technology in our business and have made themselves available to help us come up with plans and strategies for our future… I am proud to do business with this group of local professionals!”

-Katie Anderson, Lafayette Housing Authority

Name and Company Name: Bill Rhodes, IT Manager at Safety & Training Consultants, LLC

 Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2005

Industry Type: Safety Training and Compliance

Number of Locations: 3

Approximate number of employees: 120

“PCM has always treated me as though I was one of their most important clients, and has never failed to deliver the solution I needed. They are an excellent resource to have available!”

-Bill Rhodes, Safety & Training Consultants, LLC

Name and Company Name: Dru Fisher, Flow Control Equipment, LLC and Flow Control Services, LLC

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2006

Industry Type:  Oil Field

Number of Locations: 2

Approximate number of employees: 24

“PCM Technologies has been taking care of our computers and networks since we opened our business in 2004.  Our company’s network consist of approximately 2 dozen PCs, some of which are remote (offsite), several network printers and tablets.  PCM’s service also goes beyond our network and includes our fleet of cell phones and home PC’s.  Their service and products are well worth the money. Their team of technicians are well trained and respond quickly to our needs.  PCM has kept up with technology which greatly benefits our operation.  When issues occur they are just a phone call away and often the problems are solved through remote access to our network.  I have and will continue to recommend PCM Technologies to others.  Make your life easy, give them a call.”

-Dru Fisher, President of Flow Control Equipment, LLC and Flow Control Services, LLC

Name and Company Name: Robert Michalk, Robert M’s 

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 1998

Industry Type: Salon

Number of Locations: 1

“We have been doing business with PCM since 1999.  We are an Aveda hair salon and we use our computer for everything.  It is our cash register, it stores all of our client color and hair styling records, it is our sound system, and so much more. Clearly, no one can be without a computer when operating a business, but for Robert M’s it is how we operate successfully from open to close.  We can not service our guests without it.  PCM has been there for us early in the morning, late at night, and every hour in between.  They deliver and they deliver very quickly. They understand our urgency and I can’t image opening our doors in the morning without having them as our support. “

-Robert Michalk, Robert M’s

Name and Company Name: Paul Stutes, Stella Maris, LLC

Years with PCM Technologies: 9, since 2007

Industry Type: Oil Field

Number of Locations: 2

Approximate number of employees:  100

“PCM Technologies has provided a beneficial service throughout our companies growth; starting with a handful of users and an email server all the way through conversion to cloud based services, configuration of drawing data base servers, development of an inventory data base, and implementation of satellite office connectivity.  Having PCM keep our systems up, allows us to focus on engineering and manufacturing for the energy industry.  When developing our inventory data base, PCM developed a custom solution to meet our specific needs and provides the support to keep it functioning as our needs evolve.”

-Paul Stutes, Stella Maris, LLC

Name and Company Name: Anna Trahan, Section 705 Federal Credit Union

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 2017

Industry Type: Credit Union

Number of Locations: 1

Approximate number of employees: 11

“Anytime we place a service call with PCM they are at your location within 24 hours or less.  When implementing a new product, PCM Technologies always makes sure to follow through with us to make sure the time schedule is being followed.  We have not had any problems with their performance to our expectations.”

-Anna Trahan, Section 705

Name and Company Name: Babette Guidry, Cochran Scales, Inc.

Years with PCM Technologies: Since 1999

Industry Type: Food Processing, Industrial Scales

Number of Locations: 1

“We have relied on Tony Garcia and PCM Systems for all of our computer/IT needs and solutions for the last 20-25 years.  We can always count on immediate and professional service each time we are in need.  We have utilized PCM Systems for the purchase, installation, and service of all of our computer and software applications.  More recently, we had their assistance in setting up and maintaining a website for our company.  We are very satisfied with their customer service and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

-Babette Guidry, Cochran Scales, Inc.