PCM Qualifications

Staying on the leading edge of technology


PCM Technologies Certifications and Credentials

PCM Technologies holds various certifications and credentials from the most trusted, efficient, and highest quality companies in the technology industry. For many years PCM Technologies has been accredited for their understanding of modern technology and improving technology as we know it. While advancing into the future, PCM Technologies personnel, systems, and team have been on the LEADING EDGE OF TECHNOLOGY since the beginning.





Microsoft Partner 2024



Staff Backgrounds

Accounting and Accounting Systems

Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Website Design and Programming

Information Communication Technology: Electronics Technology

VPN Router, FireWall, Networking protocols and Cellular Systems

Microsoft Partner Networking Protocols and Cellular Systems

Microsoft Partner Research Panel

IT, IT Support and Systems Integration

Computer Science and Programming

Electrical Engineering

Computer Network Specialist

Electronics Technology

Computer Electronics

A+/ Network+

VOIP Training and Certification

Organizational Qualifications

Network hardware and deployment. Secure FISMA emails (Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002)

Deployment and maintenance of computers systems, software and email systems.

Design, deployment and maintenance of private cloud systems as well as systems which span multiple states and countries.

Remote management and administration of systems located in multiple states.

Customized solutions and tailored applications across various industries.

Design, deployment and maintenance of large networks (some over 80 locations) where users work as if they were in the same location.

Design, development and deployment of custom line-of-business applications and solutions as well as websites.

We have assisted multiple customers to organize and design their new locations by managing the third party entities which will supply services to our customers.

We have rescued specialized solutions developed by defunct companies and retro-engineered them to make them work again for our customers.

We engage local charity organizations in the Acadiana area.