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Geo-Redundant Fault Tolerant Virtual Machines

Hurricane season is not a problem. Your data and programs are safe in the cloud.
A Geo-redundant system is created in case the primary location becomes unavailable for any reason. The actual switching is transparent to the user. As long as there is an adequate source internet connection, you can operate. Not all Microsoft hosting services have this feature, ours is included at no charge.

24/7 Monitoring By Microsoft Certified Professionals

Data Centers are maintained at operation conditions around the clock by certified professionals. Power, heat and humidity are controlled in critical parts of the infrastructure.
IDS and IDC are controlled in order to assure your data is secure. The network connections are protected.

Grow To Scale

Hardware needs can be administered as they are needed. Companies no longer have to buy enough hardware to last the whole life cycle of the infrastructure necessary to operate. Operate leading edge technology now an in the future.

Business Continuity Assurance

When new technology becomes a necessary next step, the enterprise is ready, and moving to a new infrastructure will not require a large cash outlay to provide new hardware. Simply deploy new cloud computing components without the large startup cost of a new server.

Hardware Independence

Companies no longer have to worry about the availability of parts in order to maintain their infrastructure. Hardware dependency is removed from several critical points of the enterprise.

Cloud Backups

Requires no backup device switching and even files from previous years can be retrieved. Connections from anywhere. All that is required is an internet connection to access your server.

Software Savings

Licensing for the server is included with the hosting for the latest and greatest versions.