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Custom Solutions


From email newsletters to company specific custom software, PCM Technologies does it all.

Our team of consultants are trained to not only listen, but understand the needs of the customer.  We work hard to discern your business and what you do in order to develop a system or solution that accomplishes your goal(s).  Whether it be building a complete solution, or integration with existing commercial software, we have the tools to get the job done.

We specialize in programming languages such as SQL, C#, C++, VB, ASP.NET, SharePoint programming, and InfoPath.

To learn more about specific projects within different industries, please click here.

Our best case study is ourselves.

For 20 years we maintained a time clock, bought time cards, rushed on Monday of payroll to make new cards, change the time on the clock every spring, fall, and after power failures, cleaned the printing heads, manually correct time, chased after field workers for their missing punches. 

Now we can have everyone punch at the same time, avoid buddy punches, review times as they come in, and get accurate location of punches

Our employees can clock in/out from a PC, Mac, or any modern smart phone or tablet.  All this while using tools we are all familiar with, such as Excel.

Give us a call, we can convert your pain into a gain, whether it be as simple as a time clock, or a complex process.